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Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Artbooking Cartridge

I would be remiss if I didn't make a plug for the new Close To My Heart cartridge, Artbooking (Z1906).  I'm soooo excited about this cartridge and can't wait to get my hands on it.  To give you some taste tests of what you can do with it, I am going to showcase the little mini-album we created at Convention.  It's done in the ProPlayer paper pack (X7170B) and uses the Compliments Dimensional Elements (X7170C) to dress it up along with a lot of other Cricut cuts that match the album themes.  As with all Close To My Heart's Cricut cartridges, you'll get 700 images, 3 full D sized stamp sets and matching Dimensional Elements.

Close To My Heart ~ Artbooking Cricut Cartridge

I don't have the album recipe, but wanted you to see it - if folks were interested in this as a project or kit, just let me know!  Here are the pics ~ there are numerous coordinated cuts that make up mini-albums so that they can be multiple pages, match the theme of the book, includes photo frames and borders along with some pretty creative things like the BFF cut!  Genius!!  Enjoy the sneak peak.  My monthly group is asking to make this project, so I guess it is time to start getting to the directions! 

I <3 Artbooking - how bout you?
film strip - great idea for when you take multiple photos in succession...  (which I DO A LOT!)

The paperclips with the ribbon bows - um yeah one of favs from the new catalog!

The arrow is stamped with a background stamp that I <3

tags that you can decorate, include photos and slip in the pockets..

I can think of a bunch of uses for this airplane!
love the look of the honeycomb and hexagon cuts!

so creative that the two white cuts on the far right are actually the butt end of an arrow..  so creative!

Epic album and only took us about 2 hrs total to assemble...  cutting the Cricut cuts, well that might take me a tad bit longer!  LOL

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Frosted Card for a Friend

While I love my new Frosted paper pack, I wanted to share an example of how it doesn't really have to be used for Christmas.  I learned yesterday that a dear friend has brain cancer and wanted to do something for him.  This person worked with my crew recently and we fell in love with is jovial attitude and fun loving personality.  He just seems like the LAST person you think would have cancer...  And of course, it doesn't help that he's exactly the same age as me!  Makes you think...  My therapy to deal with this was to head to the craft room and get creative!

The idea behind the card is for my crew and other co-workers to send personal messages to him to encourage him.  It's appearing that he has quite the difficult road ahead of him.

The clouds were cut from the Artiste Cartridge (Z1790) and 2" and 1-1/4", then daubed with Whisper ink.  I then added some Stardust glitter gel, which thanks to Wendy Coffman at Stamping Rules! is my FAVORITE Close To My Heart product - and what I've gone thru more than anything else!

The base cardstock was cut at 4-1/4 by 5-1/2 inches.  The 2nd layer that acts as the background is a B/T duo from the Frosted paper pack (X7175C) and cut at 3-3/4 by 5 inches.  The chevron strip is also from the B/T duo at 1" by 4-1/4 inches.  The message box is cut at 2 by 3 inches and the daisy white c/s is cut at 1-3/4 by 2-3/4 inches.

I also daubed every layer of card stop and patterned paper before laying it on. I also used some foam tape to lift up the clouds, so it gives the feel of truly floating by and also to the message over the chevron patterned strip.
I used two stamp sets for this card - the first was Card Chatter - Sympathy (D147) for the cloud theme and then Scrapbook Sentiments - Poets (C1539) for the message inside.  The messages were stamped in Slate.
I added alittle bling, even though it's for a guy...  but doesn't every card need some bling?  I used the black/gray sparkles and some bittys.  The squiggly line between messages was actually stamped using the balloon string from one of the 3 stamp sets that comes with the Artiste Cartridge (Z1790).

If you would like to purchase any of these projects, click on the Shop with Me link on the left hand side of this blog or this link:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

TODAY - A Simple Woman's Daybook Linky

Outside my window... is the sunshine of summer that makes rainbows on the ceiling inside my house (crystals hanging in the window)

I am thinking... that it's a bit early in the morning to be thinking this hard (this shouldn't be that hard!) ;O)

I am thankful... for the company of my husband and all that he does for our world

In the kitchen... are some boiled eggs cooling for breakfast

I am wearing... my pajamas because I'd live in them all day/night if I could get away with it - it will soon end when I have to go dig out something to wear for work

I am creating... scrapbook goodies from our new catalog (Close To My Heart Fall/Winter 2013 Catalog) - if not for real, at least in my head as I think about what I want to make next

I am going... to craft the weekend away for some relaxation

I am wondering... what I will be when I grow up

I am reading... blogs with heartfelt messages, supportive themes, motivational messages and creative ideas

I am hoping... that we get good news from the cardiologist on Thursday about the options to deal with the hubby's heart valve

I am looking forward to... the temperatures dropping into Fall (I am not a fan of 90 F days - but I'm a BIG fan of sunny 65 F days!!!!)

I am learning... to be a better blogger and get encouragement from a variety of venues

Around the house... are a lot of weeds that need attention

I am pondering... how much I will procrastinate on this week

A favorite quote for today... Be kind whenever possible.  It's always possible.  (Dalia Lama)

One of my favorite things... to travel to other countries/cultures and learning more about our world

A few plans for the rest of the week... organize that chaotic craft room so I can be productive this weekend

A peek into my day... dirt turning, concrete pouring, asphalt laying = construction in full swing! A conversation about flood plains and related bridge designs

And that about sums up today's thoughts...  To check out other Simple Woman's Daybook entries (linkys) head on over to for some encouraging reading!  Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone and beat the heat, however you can!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Listicles - 10 Impractical Things

I love to work up some Monday Listicles and while I've been religiously reading Stasha's, it's been a while since I've worked up a list of my own for my blog...  Some of them might make you go hmmmph, but know that all of these I can live without!!  ;0)

Here's my list of 10 impractical things:

1. Terrorists - just stupid and so destructive and really accomplishes NOTHING!
2. Bras - nuff said!
3. Hair dye - I hate grow out!!  I just can't stand the grow out after the die job...  so I'm embracing my gray!
4. White shoes - that are only white for the very first trip outside, after that's it's all over...
5. Bicycle seats - one word, OUCH
6. Summer colds - ok, all colds, but particularly the ones inthe summer when everyone wants to be playing in the great outdoors..
7. Space station on the moon - um, being one who watched on a b/w tv the first step and that was the coolest thing we could imagine, at this point it's completely impractical!
8. Dust mites - they make my sinuses crazy, and really what purpose do they serve anyway???
9. Lookie Lou's - HELLO, just drive why don't cha?
10. The handmade cards I never remember to give away - I now have multiple shoe boxes full of them...

and my bonus:  all six terms of calculus I took in college - seriously the computers do it all for us now, so when the profs kept saying, you'll need to know this - THEY WERE LYING!  ;O|

For more Listicles, head on over to where you too can link up your top ten Impractical List!!

Happy Monday

Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Product Blog Hop and Linky Party

I know it's been a very long time since I've updated my blog....  But I am so excited by the all the new things in the Fall/Winter catalog, I have to share!!

Check out this great card you can make with our new stamp Christmas Village (D1554).  It makes a great Christmas card, and gets you all twitter-pated about snow when it's 90 degrees in August!  How could you not like that?

 The card shows off our new Frosted Paper Pack (X7175B)!  It's a very nice soft champagne, colonial white, frosted gray, and frosted turquoise combination that is very sweet and soothing...  It also goes well with other standard Close To My Heart card stock like the Crystal Blue, Slate, Twilight, and Whisper!  The stamp set I used is called, Christmas Village (D1554).  Of course I zeroed in on the Sweet Shoppe for a little treat!  I hope you like it...
If you are interested in these products or any others that you see below, click <here> to preview the new catalog and place your order.

Here are a few other ideas to help you get excited about this paper pack!!!!  This layout is fantastic and is a great summer or winter layout.  No snow needed!


Here are a lot of other great ideas of projects you can make from Close To My Heart products. Just click on each of the thumbnails below to see some pretty amazing creations from fellow Close To My Heart consultants!

Note: This blog hop is open for members of the CTMH Blog Boosters. Please do not enter if you are not a member of the group.