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Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Listicles - 10 Impractical Things

I love to work up some Monday Listicles and while I've been religiously reading Stasha's, it's been a while since I've worked up a list of my own for my blog...  Some of them might make you go hmmmph, but know that all of these I can live without!!  ;0)

Here's my list of 10 impractical things:

1. Terrorists - just stupid and so destructive and really accomplishes NOTHING!
2. Bras - nuff said!
3. Hair dye - I hate grow out!!  I just can't stand the grow out after the die job...  so I'm embracing my gray!
4. White shoes - that are only white for the very first trip outside, after that's it's all over...
5. Bicycle seats - one word, OUCH
6. Summer colds - ok, all colds, but particularly the ones inthe summer when everyone wants to be playing in the great outdoors..
7. Space station on the moon - um, being one who watched on a b/w tv the first step and that was the coolest thing we could imagine, at this point it's completely impractical!
8. Dust mites - they make my sinuses crazy, and really what purpose do they serve anyway???
9. Lookie Lou's - HELLO, just drive why don't cha?
10. The handmade cards I never remember to give away - I now have multiple shoe boxes full of them...

and my bonus:  all six terms of calculus I took in college - seriously the computers do it all for us now, so when the profs kept saying, you'll need to know this - THEY WERE LYING!  ;O|

For more Listicles, head on over to where you too can link up your top ten Impractical List!!

Happy Monday

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  1. I've seen a lot of people put algebra on their list. Summer colds are the pits - it's like, "what did I do to deserve this." Fingers crossed...I have not been sick this year.

    Happy Belated Listicles Monday.