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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

TODAY - A Simple Woman's Daybook Linky

Outside my window... is the sunshine of summer that makes rainbows on the ceiling inside my house (crystals hanging in the window)

I am thinking... that it's a bit early in the morning to be thinking this hard (this shouldn't be that hard!) ;O)

I am thankful... for the company of my husband and all that he does for our world

In the kitchen... are some boiled eggs cooling for breakfast

I am wearing... my pajamas because I'd live in them all day/night if I could get away with it - it will soon end when I have to go dig out something to wear for work

I am creating... scrapbook goodies from our new catalog (Close To My Heart Fall/Winter 2013 Catalog) - if not for real, at least in my head as I think about what I want to make next

I am going... to craft the weekend away for some relaxation

I am wondering... what I will be when I grow up

I am reading... blogs with heartfelt messages, supportive themes, motivational messages and creative ideas

I am hoping... that we get good news from the cardiologist on Thursday about the options to deal with the hubby's heart valve

I am looking forward to... the temperatures dropping into Fall (I am not a fan of 90 F days - but I'm a BIG fan of sunny 65 F days!!!!)

I am learning... to be a better blogger and get encouragement from a variety of venues

Around the house... are a lot of weeds that need attention

I am pondering... how much I will procrastinate on this week

A favorite quote for today... Be kind whenever possible.  It's always possible.  (Dalia Lama)

One of my favorite things... to travel to other countries/cultures and learning more about our world

A few plans for the rest of the week... organize that chaotic craft room so I can be productive this weekend

A peek into my day... dirt turning, concrete pouring, asphalt laying = construction in full swing! A conversation about flood plains and related bridge designs

And that about sums up today's thoughts...  To check out other Simple Woman's Daybook entries (linkys) head on over to for some encouraging reading!  Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone and beat the heat, however you can!!

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