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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monday Listicles - 10 Autumn Must Have's

Stasha has us all in the mood for Autumn, because certainly our weather lately has not been doing that...  We're still getting summer weather with days reaching the 80 F temps.  So we'll use this blog post to put us in the mood....  Here are the things that Autumn 'must have'...

1.  Pumpkins that are getting orange and bright...  Then we can have fresh roasted pumpkin seeds to munch on, scary and fun carved pumpkins, and of course this beautiful fall bouquet.

2.  Cooler nights ~ so thankful to have the 40's back at night!  It makes for much nicer sleeping with the windows open and covers on.

3.  Candy Corn - nothing better than fresh candy corn ~ I think it's my favorite candy!

4.  Trick-or-Treaters showing up at our door all dressed up in the latest fairy or superhero costume!

5.  Warm berry (or peach, apple, or ...) crisps fresh and hot from the oven with ice cream melting over the top...  yum!

6.  Fires in the fire pit are one of my most favorite activities that we do in the fall with the crispy cold air in the evening, but warm toes as they are propped up on the fire ring.

7.  Sweatshirts are a fall - MUST HAVE!  They have to be big and sloppy and worn in with a hole here or there showing their age as your favorite layer of clothing.

8.  The newest TV series premieres on the tube...  The return of the old favorites where you get to find out 'if they lived, or if they died' and a new batch of shows to fall in love with.

9.  Fall and Halloween decorations around the house that last into early November where Christmas decorations take their place.

10.  Crafty projects all over the house waiting to be done for gifts during the Holidays!

What must you have when Summer turns to Fall?  If you've enjoyed this Monday Listicle, pop on over to Stasha's post at The Good Life for more lists by other bloggers!

{Photo borrowed from Homestead Survival's Facebook page)


  1. I love the pic of the pumpkin flower arrangements! Oh, and I'm so happy for the new fall line up too! Great list.

  2. Oh you are really helping me get in the mood with this list. Love me some pumpkins and sweatshirts!!

  3. I love any dessert that ends with the word crisp! I am so hating my diet reading all these listicle entries.

  4. A fire pit and a cool night sounds like perfection.

  5. Arrgghh, I ate an entire bag of mellowcreme pumpkins, so I'm done for the season.

    Have you tried the candy corn M and M's? Delightful!

  6. Love all the new TV, especially the guilty pleasures. Erin

  7. Candy corn! For sure a must have. I love it when it comes from the farmers market too.