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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Great Close Out Deals from CTMH

I wanted to send out a blurb about some really great close out deals from Close To My Heart.  You can get between 25% to 75% off of list price for the products - a WAY reduced price.  And they are trendy stuff that goes with their other products... So it's NOT like digging through the dollar bin at the craft store to find the one good deal in the huge bucket!!

Check out my Online Business website for more info...  (OBA site)  or

Cherrios - hope Wednesday is finding you all well and staying cool in this crazy heat the whole nation is having!!  After checking my iPhone, the only place under 90F (which is UCKY hot for me!) was where my sis lives in Wasilla Alaska!!  This lower 48 is sufferin'!  We're forcasted to be at 100F for the next two days....  double and triple UCKY ~~  Hang in there with me folks fall is coming in a few short weeks ~ thank goodness!!!


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