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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monday Listicles - How you know you're addicted to crafts

Here is my second attempt at Monday Listicles (a few days late!!)  - and it's all about my favorite obsessions C-R-A-F-T-S!! So here goes - my list is about, "How I know I'm addicted to crafting."  Enjoy my list as I'm sure many of you can relate!!

1.  The craft room has no where to walk when I go in there...  I just redid my craft room and got it all organized, but the husband keeps finding more crates and boxes of yet MORE craft stuff!!
Before the craft room got reorganized!

2.  I have enough material (fabric) that coordinates for about 8 wonderful quilt, and they are just waiting for me to have time...  Maybe when I retire in like oh about 17 years!!!!

3.  I got 7 boxes worth of Close To My Heart products in the mail this week (really it was 3 boxes with more boxes inside...  good thing some of those boxes were for the CUSTOMERS!!  But there were TWO FULL boxes that made it into the craft room for me to play with - and play I WILL!!

4.  I think I could wallpaper a 8,000 sqft house with the scrapbook paper, markers and ink in my craft room... Um yeah - been collecting supplies for that for oh I don't know, like 17 years!!

5.  When I buy craft supplies, I have to buy 5-10 extras 'just in case'... or for gifts for someone who I know would love it... can any of you relate to this?

6.  I ALWAYS buy an extra yard of fabrique, 'for Jesus' when I'm at the fabric store!!  I've been doing this at least 10 years...  just visual all those 'extra yards for Jesus I've bought in the past 10+ yrs...  Bwahahaha...  One time I did this with a group of matching fabrics so much that when I got home and added up my yardage, determined that I bought enough fabric for THREE KING SIZE QUILTS of the same exact fabric!!  Oiy!!!
An Extra Yard for Jesus!

7.  I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the next 10 (yes, TEN) projects that I'm excited about that day...

8.  My husband has to escort me through the fabric and craft stores...  to be sure I don't spend too much $ on 'just one more thing I need'...  NEED being the key word here!!

9.  That I can kill HOURS on Pintrest, Blogs and the web looking for MORE (like I need MORE!) projects that I like...

10.  I can't do anything small when it is a passion I have - I go overboard, obsess on it constantly and think about nothing else except how I can get back to the craft room to do more...

I would say it is 'sad' that I'm so OCD about my crafts and quilts, but yeah no, I think it's wonderful as do the folks that benefit from my obsession... Because I give almost all of my creations as gifts to others...  That truly is the passion I have and why I OCD on things because I LOVE the feeling I get when I do for others...  What are the signs that YOU'RE addicted to crafts???

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  1. It's like we are related :) I have enough photos to cover up walls of all my neighborhood houses. I just need some time to hang them... CAnnot wait to see the quilts!